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Black ring. Gold dial. Case.


The Viewing Glass
For gaffers, dps, key grips, electrics, grips, or any interested crew members. The viewing glass can be used for checking contrast settings, for lamp focusing, or F Stop/ ND calculation. The integrated UV-protection makes it suitable  for calculating cloud-sun intervals. The Viewing Glass’s density can be steplessly regulated by turning the knurled ring, so that you can freely choose the grade of translucence. On the side of the fixed ring is a scale marked from 1.5 to 7, which indicates by how many stops  the light transmission is reduced.


52mm filter - compatible 

Any additional 52mm photographic filters  can simply be screwed onto the FaderLux Viewing Glass. For example, you might add extra ND filters, or color filters for checking your green and blue screen settings, or for checking contrasts in black and white.

FaderLux Viewing Glass-Gold

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